What do I need to view this site?
Viewing this site requires a modern web browser such as Mozilla Firefox with Javascript enabled. Cookies are also required to use the My Vocab List function.
I can't view any of the Japanese characters!
For all English versions of Windows except Vista, asian fonts have to be manually installed. In Windows XP this can be accomplished from the control panel: Choose "Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options", then "Add other languages". When the box pops up, choose "Install files for East Asian languages" and click "ok". Depending on your configuration, you may require the installation CD. Restart, and you should be able to view Japanese characters.
Can I see my vocab list on a different computer?
Your vocab list is stored as a cookie on your computer. This is done to avoid complicated login/password systems and keep the site as responsive as possible. However, it also means that you can only see your vocab list on the computer that created it. While we can't do anything about this, you can use the tool below to extract your vocab list and send it to a new computer:

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